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A product of the civil rights movement, DELIA struggles with the burden of raising black children in “an era when racism was real.”  She’s determined that her girls should achieve success, and parents with harshness in a household where discipline and high expectation trump love and affection. Physically encumbered by a serious heart defect, SHERIFA approaches life with intensity that comes from the expectation of early death. Fiercely individual, she is the daughter who battles against DELIA’s autocratic reign, while alternately loving and resenting her younger, healthy sister. TITA is a gentle soul who carries the responsibility of trying to make life easier for mother and sister. The cost of this role is her sense of self as she fights to carve out space to grow and thrive. This powerful play addresses the universal question “How do we break free of our circumstances?” and reminds its audience that fulfillment, joy and freedom often lie just A Step Beyond the Rain.


  • “Beautiful, moving, brave – fantastic entertainment”. -Daniel Cerone, Executive Producer, The Mentalist


  • “This play took me down the rabbit hole. The writing, performance and direction are seamless.” -Raphael Sbarge, Actor, Once Upon a Time


  • “A wonderful night at the theatre...There wasn’t a moment when you didn’t have my full attention.”  -Rosemary Forsyth, Actor


  • “I LOVED this play. So well done.” -Miles Millar, Writer, The Mummy


  • “A personal and universal story told with such stillness…a truthful journey, a magnificent performance.” -Carole D’Andrea, Teacher/Actor, Original West Side Story (Broadway & Film)


  • “You’ll find yourself still talking about this story days after you’ve seen it…Quite simply, stunning.” -Larry Drake, Actor, LA Law


  • “Miata Edoga illuminates the stage…a triumph.” -Bonnie Priever, Los Angeles Theatre Critic




60 minutes, with no intermission



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